fifthplay cube
Complete peace of mind

Water in your basement, smoke in your house or forgotten to turn off the oven? With fifthplay cube you will know straight away, even when you are not at home.

What is the fifthplay cube?

A smart solution for everyone

The fifthplay cube acts as a smart brain for your home. Smoke or CO in your house? Water in your basement? Our smart products register it and the fifthplay app alerts you immediately. Thanks to its modular nature, the expansion options are infinite. The choice is yours!

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Easy to expand

Install additional products for more security.

Peace of mind

Keep an eye on your home, wherever you are: fifthplay cube gives you peace of mind all year round.


It is easy to install most plugs and sensors yourself.

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Your tailor-made smart home

Choose a starter kit. Or expand your starter kit with other products and make your home even smarter.

Choose your starter kit

When ordering you will be able to choose from several starter kits. Each cube consists of a gateway, the plugs and sensors which come with the chosen starter kit and the app and web portal.

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Make your home even smarter

Expand your starter kit with other plugs and sensors which you can control via the app or web portal. That way your smart home becomes even smarter and the fifthplay cube will give you even more peace of mind.

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