Fifthplay: the specialist in enhancing smart homes and buildings for almost 10 years

Fifthplay is a trendsetter with regards to smart homes and buildings and one of the sector's most innovative companies.

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About fifthplay

Right from the start in 2007, as a subsidiary of Niko Group, fifthplay has developed state-of-the-art solutions which increase the control, comfort and efficiency of homes and buildings.

Today fifthplay is internationally active and brings a variety of IoT (Internet of Things) solutions to market. Not only via partners such as energy suppliers or producers of household appliances, but also directly to the consumer and companies.

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1. Gateway

The gateway is a smart hub which facilitates the modular integration of old and new technologies. Switches, plugs, smart meters,… to name a few. Via the gateway you are connected to fifthplay’s online platform which processes your home’s data and makes your system forever smarter.

2.  Online platform

Fifthplay’s online platform is perfectly suited for configuration, protection, data management and application program interfaces. It forms the bridge between consumers and user interfaces such as a smartphone, computer or digital television.

Fifthplay has a large range of user-friendly application programming interfaces and internet applications. Our partners can take control of the configuration, service and support thanks to the dedicated partner interfaces.


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