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You can add one or more of the following products to your fifthplay cube.
They are all compatible with the gateway.

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CO detector

CO-melder Icon

The fifthplay smart CO sensor registers the CO levels and immediately warns you if the concentration is too high.

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The fifthplay smart multisensor registers movement, temperature and humidity. In this way you will be able to keep an eye on your home, wherever you happen to be.

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Window and door contact

Raam & Deursensor Icon

The fifthplay smart window & door contact sensor lets you know as soon as a door or window is opened.

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Smoke detector

The fifthplay smart smoke detector not only makes a noise but also sends you an alert the moment smoke is detected.

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Smart plug

Using the smart socket outlets you can track the energy consumption of specific devices and switch devices on and off.

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Water sensor

Watersensor Icon

Put it under the washing machine, in the cellar, under the sink or in other areas at risk. You will be alerted right away when if any water is detected.

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Solar panel monitor

Has the efficiency of your solar panels suddenly decreased for no obvious reason? We will let you know immediately.

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DIN Rail module

Avoid unnecessary energy costs by knowing how much energy you use in real-time.

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Gas monitor

Using the gas monitor you can keep close track of your gas consumption and detect any issues immediately.

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Expand your smart home

Start with a fifthplay cube starter kit of your choice. For more functionalities, you can always expand it with other products at a later stage – that way you always feel at ease.

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