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Monitor your gas consumption in real time and save on your energy bill.

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Are you sometimes taken aback by your high energy bill? With fifthplay’s gas monitor you can monitor your consumption constantly and in no time you will become more energy conscious. Are you suddenly consuming more than usual? You can see this immediately and act upon it.

As a business owner you know how much you spend and earn. The same applies to your energy consumption. With fifthplay’s gas monitor you know at all times how much you consume and based on the continuous stream of data registered by the device, you can adapt your business processes.

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Fifthplay will install the gas monitor free of charge. The installer will fit an optical sensor to your gas meter allowing you to continuously register real-time consumption data.


Starter kit

Gas monitor

€ 463,00

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One-off cost, no licensing fee

Included in the starter kit
  • fifthplay gas monitor
  • fifthplay gateway
  • app
  • installation


  • An insight into your historic and current gas consumption: it is easy to consult your consumption (expressed in m³) over the past hours, days, weeks and even years. You can also view your real-time consumption.
  • Free fifthplay Home app, available for iOS and Android, and fifthplay Home web portal
  • Worldwide: using an internet connection you can consult your details via the app and the web portal from anywhere in the world

Installation requirements

An installer will come and install and configure your gas sensor on your gas meter. We will contact you to make an appointment for the installation. The installer will only leave once everything is working properly.

The following conditions need to be met in order to use this package:

  • You have gas heating
  • Your gas meter has a small mirror on the last digit (On the number 0, 6 or 9). You can check this by putting on the hot water tap for a moment. Once the counter on the gas meter begins to rotate you can check the final digit.
  • You have an internet connection in the building concerned
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Gas monitor

With the fifthplay gas monitor you know what you are consuming at all times and you don’t need to worry about not noticing when there is a problem. You will immediately receive an alert via text message, e-mail or the app if something is wrong or if your consumption is a lot higher than usual. In addition, you will receive a real-time overview of your data via the app or the web portal at all times. This smart monitor belongs to the fifthplay range with user-friendly internet applications which increase the efficiency of homes and buildings in a smart way.

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