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Solar panels are a smart investment with an eye to sustainable energy. But investments are meant to offer a return. You want to know when your solar panels are not producing the expected amount of energy to ensure you are using your solar panels’ full potential. The fifthplay solar panel monitor tells you how much energy your solar panels are producing, always and everywhere. Has the efficiency of your solar panels suddenly decreased for no obvious reason? We will let you know immediately. That way you know if you’re getting the most out of your system.

As a business owner, are you making considerable savings by producing your own energy with solar panels? That’s a good move. But what happens if you are suddenly producing less than normal? What if you are losing energy – and therefore money – and you are not immediately aware of it? Thanks to fifthplay cube you no longer need to worry about that. When you are not producing the normal amount, you will receive an alert via text message, the app or e-mail. So not only are your solar panels saving you money, thanks to fifthplay cube you are even getting more out of them by being able to react as soon as there is an energy loss.

Order your solar panel monitor

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Starter kit

Solar panel monitor

€ 353,00

Incl. VAT Order your kit

One-off cost, no licensing fee

Included in the starter kit
  • fifthplay solar panel module
  • fifthplay gateway
  • app
  • installation

Solar panel monitor

€ 109,00

Incl. VAT Order your module

One-off cost, no licensing fee

Included in the starter kit
  • fifthplay solar panel module


Mobile app
It is easy to keep track of your solar panels on your smartphone using the fifthplay Home app.

Do you have access to the internet? Then you can also check your details via de app, from anywhere in the world.

Suits any mono-phase converter
The measuring module suits any single-phase converter (up to +/- 20 solar panels)

The solar cube is so intuitive that anyone can use it quite easily. That includes grandma and grandpa.

Several users
Receive a notification when you are at work? Use your account on various devices and ask a friend or family member to check it out.

Smart technology
The solar cube learns the behaviour of your solar panels and lets you know immediately if there is a deviation.

No subscription costs
A small fee for peace of mind and with no hidden costs.

Measuring module functionalities

  • Suitable for single-phase circuits with a current of up to a maximum of 16 amps (up to +/- 20 solar panels).
  • An insight into your historic and current production: it is easy to consult your production (power, expressed in watts) over the past hours, days, weeks and even years. You can also view your real-time production.
  • Automatic alerts: the app alerts you when the efficiency suddenly drops without an obvious explanation.
  • Free fifthplay Home app, available for iOS and Android, and fifthplay Home web portal
  • Worldwide: using an internet connection you can consult your details via the app and the web portal from anywhere in the world
  • Alerts are available via push notifications, SMS or email
  • Certified installer: The measuring module needs to be installed in the meter by a certified installer.
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