Fifthplay cube

What is the fifthplay cube?

The fifthplay cube represents peace of mind, comfort and control; it acts as a smart brain for your home. Smoke or CO in your house? Water in your basement? The fifthplay app will alert you immediately. Track your energy consumption? Yes you can! You can even switch your devices off remotely. Very useful if you have forgotten to switch off the coffee machine or iron.

The fifthplay cube consists of the fifthplay Home app, your choice of products and the fifthplay gateway. Thanks to its modular nature, the expansion options are infinite. Simply add sensors according to your needs. You can control all your devices with one single app, wherever you are.

You will not find our installations complicated or too difficult to use. The fifthplay cube is made to increase your comfort. And that is noticeable, from first installation through to end use.

How does it work?

The three components of the fifthplay cube



The gateway makes a secure connection with the internet and connects your smart devices to the app.

Getting started

The fifthplay cube is an amazing piece of technology. And easy to install!


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